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Specialist In All Kinds Of Makeups

Pedicure & Manicure

Mani-Pedicure no longer once a while luxury spa service. They are grooming essential for both men and women. It is imperative that we have clean nails, which are removed from splits, dead cells, cuticles etc. They give you great skin for your hands and feet along with healthy and shapely nails.

Eyebrow Shaping

Eyebrows are one of the most understated elements of the face and their impact the overall beauty of your face. Shapely eyebrows can accentuate the shape of the face, de-age your face, and add symmetry to the face. It impacts the beauty of your eye too. So get them in shape, as soon as you can!

Hair Spa

Hair Spa treatment is an essential service as it fine-tuned the texture of the hair and cleans the scalp. Our hair is under constant stress due to the weather and our lifestyle. The hair spa reduces oil production, exfoliates, and strengthens hair roots. The massage stimulates hair growth and repairs hair damage. It is a fantastic stress reliever.

Keratin Treatment

Keratin treatment is a well-known process of long-term hair straightening, especially great for frizzy hair. Keratin is a protein that facilitates the growth and strength of hair. Keratin also reduces hair breakage.

Creative Coloring

People color their hair in the traditional sense for multiple reasons. But when someone is apt for creative coloring it is purely to express themselves. Creative coloring is about recreating the imagination of colors on your hair. We create the drama of colors with your hair. It can be stylish color combinations, bold shapes, and stunning color transitions, creative coloring is about forming them. Creating coloring requires pre-lightening the hair color in order to apply the desired color shades with the desired pop

Air Brush

Airbrush makeup is a revolutionary new way of makeup application. It uses a small pen-like machine to spray rather than apply the makeup on the skin. This gives a flawless, smooth finish, making the skin look moisturized and natural. Air Brush Makeup is light, and devoid of multiple pieces of equipment. Hence the process is easy and simple.

Saree Draping

Saari is the epitome of ethnic wear in India. It makes you look gorgeous and sexy when dropped properly. No matter how beautiful and intricate your saari is. Its charm truly enhances when dropped in the appropriate style. Saari dropping can be broadly classified into 2 types.  The traditional Saari draping varies as per the region of the country. Additionally, the modern saari draping has equally involved various modern types with strong references from pop culture and various film references.

Advances Facial Treatments

High-frequency machines and Galvanic machines are tools of technological sophistication. These tools help in expediting the transfer of benefits from the facial to the skin. High-frequency machines use high-frequency energy passed to the skin to increase the oxidation of the skin. It uses technology that enriches the skin with essential nutrients. It creat substances like collagen which makes the skin tighter and promotes a youthful appearance. Galvanic Machines help in facilitating the skin to absorb the nutrients, serums, etc. to be well absorbed in the deeper pores of the skin. It is very useful for skin products application to work effectively. This is a proven technique in the European region that heals acne and scares, and reduces wrinkles and dark circles.

Global Hair Color

Global hair color is when you color your hair uniformly from the roots to its ends. Apart from its use to mask your grey hair, it is a great way to add texture to them and make them look fuller and of course, vibrant. It gives a more natural look and you can control your color choices to complement your skin tone for that amazing look.

Bridal Services

Pre-bridal services typically included clean-ups, Waxing, Threading, Hair Coloring, Hair Spa, Massages, etc. The pre-bridal services focus on prepping the skin, and body for the special day. While the bridal services will focus on make-up, Hair styling, and even saari or ethnic wear draping. As per your budget, you can decide if it will also include bridesmaids.