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About Oceanic Salon

We create structural beauty by innovating

For us, producing the highest quality professional Hair & Skin care available is simply not enough. Oceanic the salon is (and always will be) dedicated to making our world a more beautiful place. We were first a simple beauty salon, now we’re an industry leader in professional Hair & Skin care and high tech Hair & Skin fashion. It’s easy to see that our commitment to caring for people is a driving force in everything we do.

“A very good salon to rely on as it's open on all days of the week.
Staffs are very courteous and they provide very good service”

Archana Shenoy

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There are many variations of passages the majority have suffered.

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There are many variations of passages the majority have suffered.

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A luxury destination for those who like to splurge and pamper themselves. Featuring an exclusive line of hair stylists, and skin care experts. This salon offers you the chance to let yourself be supremely comfortable and watch in wonder as all your hair and skin care requirements are adequately addressed by specialists equipped with skills that have been honed and polished over the years.


An experience at the Oceanic salon, is sure to be one of the most delightful ones that you will ever undertake, as it gives you a chance to benefit from the wealth of beauty care regimes that we have at our disposal.You will be indulged in a rich cocoon of care that will leave you contented and glowing from within. We offer a host of services that target to tackle any skin care or hair care problems that you might have. So, visit Oceanic salon today and watch yourself transforming into a bedazzling attraction.