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Family Hair Spa & Salon

A Full-service salon with everything a Men & Women

A World Class Hair Style Designer

Bespoke colour services, beautiful hairdressing

First Time in Karkala a premium hair and beauty care unisex salon. We are the Best Unisex Hair and Beauty Salon. A visit to Oceanic is by appointment for the best attention. Oceanic’s Unlimited style variations and wide services of your hair is within a few seconds away from you.

Bridal Makeup

Welcome To Bridal Makeup

For us, producing the highest quality professional Hair & Skin care available is simply not enough. Oceanic the salon is (and always will be) dedicated to making our world a more beautiful place. We were first a simple beauty salon, now we’re an industry leader in professional Hair & Skin care and high tech Hair & Skin fashion. It’s easy to see that our commitment to caring for people is a driving force in everything we do.







About The Salon

A luxury destination for those who like to splurge and pamper themselves. Featuring an exclusive line of hair stylists, and skin care experts. This salon offers you the chance to let yourself be supremely comfortable and watch in wonder as all your hair and skin care requirements are adequately addressed by specialists equipped with skills that have been honed and polished over the years.

You can count on the expertise of skilled staff to give you a dazzling makeover and uncover the hidden divas and the obscure debonair hunks, sleek and stylish amongst you. The salon is sure to take your breath away, with its classy elegance and subtly luxuriant settings, which are guaranteed to heighten your aesthetic sensibilities and leave you mightily impressed.


Pure Respect For Your Beauty

Give Your Hair and Skin Proper Care & Makeup For Fabulous Look

Top rated hairstylists and makeup artists

Hair and Makeup for Any Occasion